Welcome to my Showcase! Please click on the Learner, Leader & Thinker boxes below to see a variety of work samples I created while completing my Master of Arts in Educational Technology.

LearnerAs a lifelong learner, I continue to pursue best practices in education & technology. The following artifacts display my Professional Learning Network (PLN), show my research on a variety of topics such as using technology to encourage and support self-regulated and the obstacles of online learning, and explain my philosophy on lifelong learning. 

LeaderAs a leader, I strive to support and empower both educators and students in their teaching & learning. The following artifacts display how I direct teachers to “new” educational frameworks and movements, show how I gather relevant information to plan professional development, and explain my view of educational mentoring.

ThinkerAs a thinker, I seek to create personalized, relevant and authentic learning experiences. The following artifacts display a sample from my AP Biology Blended Course, a detailed Maker lesson plan, a remix about the Maker Movement, my ideal learning space and a fictional story about the Stanford Design Model.