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LearnerAs a lifelong learner, I continue to pursue best practices in education & technology. The following artifacts display my Professional Learning Network (PLN), show my research on a variety of topics such as using technology to encourage and support self-regulated and the obstacles of online learning, and explain my philosophy on lifelong learning. 

Professional Learning Network

My Professional Learning Network (PLN) shows where I go for information, who I look to for help and how I influence other educators. This is an ever-evolving network as I continue to meet new people in person and through social media such as Twitter as well as discovering new resources that are available. To see my PLN Prezi, please click here or click the image below.


Research in Action

My Research in Action project sought to answer the question “how can teachers best encourage and support self-regulated learning in their students through the use of current technologies combined with sound pedagogy?” It includes an Executive Summary, Introduction & Background, Literature Review, Research Plan and Annotated Bibliography. To view my paper, please click here or use the reader below.

Reimagine Online Learning – An Infographic

Infographics are a great way to organize and present information. My Reimagine Online Learning infographic points out several reasons why I believe online learning is not reaching its full potential. While reading the literature, these four reasons began to emerge: 1. Online learning often fails to provide students with social opportunities. 2. Students often do not possess the basic technology skills necessary to successfully navigate within the learning management system. 3. Online courses often lack connections to real-world problems. 4. Students often struggle to successfully manage their time in an online setting. Click here for a larger image.


Conquering the Wicked Obstacles of Online Learning

Reimagining Online Learning is a wicked problem that must be addressed as education continues to progress further into the 21st Century. My Online Learning think tank decided to focus our research and white paper on solutions that address three specific online learning challenges – social engagement, real-work connections, and technology skills. To view our paper, please click here or use the reader below.

Teachers as Lifelong Learners

Teachers must continue to learn throughout their careers. There will never be a time when a teacher knows it all, when no more learning needs to take place or when they can just coast by doing the same thing year after year. This essay address the question “how can schools help create a culture that encourages and supports lifelong teacher learning?” To view my paper, please click here or use the reader below.

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