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LeaderAs a leader, I strive to support and empower both educators and students in their teaching & learning. The following artifacts display how I direct teachers to “new” educational frameworks and movements, show how I gather relevant information to plan professional development and explain my view of educational mentoring.

TPACK Screencast

Teaching is more than just knowing about a specific content. Rather, a successful teacher must be able to apply appropriate pedagogy and technology as they teach their content. In this short video, I present the TPACK – Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge – framework. To view the video, please click here or use the video player below.

Maker Education Infographic

Maker Education has many benefits. I created this infographic in hopes to inspire and encourage educators to incorporate a maker mentality in their classroom. It focuses on 5 reasons why I believe Maker Education can improve student learning. 1. Maker Education provides authentic and relevant tasks. 2. Maker Education is active and engaging. 3. Maker Education builds community in classrooms, schools and beyond. 4. Maker Education strengthens students metacognitive abilities. 5. Maker Education supports student choice and leads to a type of personalized learning. Click here for a larger image.

MakerEd Infographic

Technology Integration Survey & Analysis

In my role as a technology coach, I thought it would be a good idea to take the pulse of my coworkers. Therefore, I designed a technology integration survey with two main goals in mind. First, I wanted to know about the tech tools our staff is currently using and which tools they would like to know more about. Second, I wanted to get a feel for the staff’s current attitude regarding technology integration. I hoped that knowing these things would help guide me in my role as a technology coach as I continued to investigate tech tools, met with staff, and helped plan professional development. I found that while our staff is open and ready to integrate technology, I need to help them match the right tech tool to the right job. In addition, I need to offer my services in a way that will allow them to have enough time to explore new and exciting technology options. See the technology survey and the analysis document for more details.

Leading with Technology – Professional Development

 Two colleagues and I created a professional development workshop. The purpose of this one day PD workshop is to help teachers understand the importance of providing feedback to their students. The participants of this PD learn about various feedback techniques. In addition, the meaningful use of technology as a platform for giving and receiving feedback is modeled and practiced. Our presentation is embedded below. However, the full PD agenda can be seen here.

Educative Mentoring

Educative mentoring provides a much more intentional support system than what most schools currently offer. However, this is a process that must be learned. This essay discusses how educative mentoring differs from just supporting teachers. This essay also takes a closer look at three specific “mentor moves” and how they can help to support a novice teacher. To view my paper, please click here or use the reader below.

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