My Professional Learning Network (PLN): Week 3 in CEP 810

This week in CEP 810 I was asked to use Poppet to map out my Professional Learning Network (PLN). My PLN shows where I go for information and who I look to for help. While I was glad that I have multiple sources of information, I quickly noticed that social media was not represented. I have had my doubts about Facebook, Twitter, etc from a personal standpoint but I admit that I have never really thought about using social media professionally. Already this week, I have seen the potential power of social media as I joined the twitter community (@dhoekstra78) and sent out my first few tweets. I have also started using NewBlur to follow multiple RSS feeds. I think it will take some time to figure out how to manage the massive amount of information heading my way but once I do, my PLN will expand exponentially!


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