Maker Education Can Improve Student Learning

Over the past six weeks in CEP 811 I have learned about constructivism and Maker Education by reviewing the research that supports this type of instruction. More importantly, during the past six weeks I have become a Maker as I created a remix video, an interactive cell model and a SketchUp of my ideal classroom. This week, I created an infographic using Easelly to inspire and encourage educators to incorporate a maker mentality in their classroom.

My infographic focused on the following reasons why Maker Education can improve student learning.

  1. Maker Education provides authentic and relevant tasks.
  2. Maker Education is active and engaging.
  3. Maker Education builds community in classrooms, schools and beyond.
  4. Maker Education strengthens students metacognitive abilities.
  5. Maker Education supports student choice and leads to a type of personalized learning.

If my infographic does not appear below, please click HERE.

MakerEd Infographic
MakerEd Infographic

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2 thoughts on “Maker Education Can Improve Student Learning

  1. This infographic is an excellent synthesis of important implications of the maker movement in education. It’s very visually appealing as well. I knew you would enjoy and excel in 811!


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