A Prototype of my View of Learning

We are talking about prototyping this week in my Learning Technology by Design class and my lab task was to create something (a prototype) to represent an idea. The idea I choose was to represent my view of learning. After a bit of thought, I pulled together some old gloves, a hat, unused ethernet cables, a few objects that represent doing (tools, Legos, Makey Makey, calculator) and a box. Add a bit of tape and my prototype was done!

View of Learning

When I first thought about how to represent this idea, I wasn’t really sure how to begin. However, much of what I read this past week (and a focus of my Problem of Practice) was about learning by doing. Therefore, I started by looking for a glove to represent hands-on construction. This quickly turned into several hands (gloves). I then wanted to show that what the hands are doing affects the brain (the hat). Therefore, I went hunting for some yarn to make the (neural) connections. However, I came across several colors of ethernet cables so I used those instead. I liked how as I started building and tweaking this model, my view of learning became clearer. I was also surprised that this process really didn’t take too long and everything I used was just laying around the house.

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