Toby the Tab Organizer

Do your browser tabs multiply faster than a cage of frisky bunnies? Are other people appalled when they see your ridiculous number of tabs? Do you have so many tabs open that you can no longer tell what each tab contains? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Toby is for you!

Think how good it would feel to go from this


to this!  🙂


Instead of cluttering up your space, all of your tabs can be organized and saved into groups (see screenshot below). The tabs in your groups can be opened all at once or you can just click on an individual tab to open! Get started by dragging and dropping your browser tabs into collections or save a whole session with just one-click. You can even access all of your collections on any computer with automatic sync! This extension is even available in Chrome and FireFox.


Want to learn more about Toby? Check out their website or watch the brief (30 sec) video below.

3 Great Mac OS Productivity Tools

Many Mac users are not aware of the great productivity tools built right into their computer and therefore, they do not take advantage of them! Three of my favorites are Hotcorners, Multiple Desktops, and Splitview and I use these tools regularly to increase my productivity.

#1. Hotcorners:

No, not hot pants – Hot Corners! This is my #1 Mac OS productivity tool as I use it every day (unlike my hot pants). While there are many options to choose from, I primarily use the Hot Corner setting called “desktop” to help me quickly upload or attach files from my desktop (screenshots, images, etc) to my email or a Google Doc. If you are interested in learning more about “desktop” and the other Hot Corner options check out this handy video tutorial. You will learn how to set up a variety of Hot Corners as well as some of the useful things you can do with them.

#2. Multiple Desktops:

While it is not possible to have multiple brains, you can (partially) make up for this by using multiple desktops on your Mac! This tool allows all of us to become multitasking gurus! Maybe you want your Gmail (or Mail client) to be running on one desktop, your Chrome browser on a second desktop, FireFox on the third desktop, your calendar on the 4th desktop and a dreamy picture of your significant other on the fifth one. I have also seen other teachers use multiple desktops to make grading more efficient by having their grade book open on one desktop and student work displayed on the neighboring desktop and then toggling back and forth. (This can also be accomplished by using the Split View feature – see below.) You can find out more about using Multiple Desktops in this video by “PC Classes Online.”

#3. Splitview:

Have you ever had to copy grades from one window (or program) to your grade book? Did it drive you so crazy that you nearly took a mental health day? Well, this might be the answer you have been craving! Do your student ever try to take digital notes while watching a YouTube video? What about recording Google Doc notes while reading an online book or while searching the Internet? Does the pain and frustration in their eyes make you feel slightly guilty? Tell them about Splitview and you might just become their hero! Using the Split View feature might not fix all of the world’s problems but it will make you feel better!  Find out more in this video by “AppleWorks.”

Have a Mac productivity tool we should all know about? Tell us in the comment section below.