Making by Playing – A Remix on the Maker Movement

Honestly, I have never given video remixes too much thought. Sure, they are entertaining but is there additional value? This week in CEP 811 I was tasked with creating a remix that represents some aspect of Maker Culture. When I listened to Dale Dougherty (2011) – the founder of Maker Faire – discuss the maker movement the idea of play jumped out at me. We all have a natural curiosity to figure out the world around us. We all use trial and error every day. Unfortunately, as we get older and busier, we begin to undervalue play. We also become more tentative as we worry about failure and what that will mean. If we are going to prepare our students for the future, we must encourage their creativity by emphasizing the importance of play while creating an environment that accepts failure. Hopefully, we can then cultivate a new wave of innovators.

Creating this remix was one of the most difficult tasks I have completed in a long time. While parts of the process were fun (the initial playing around with iMovie, finding a perfect video clip, fine tuning things at the end), there were other times where I was completely frustrated and wanted to quite. At this point, I thought about what Fernanda Viegas said at the Eyeo Festival (2013) about not being afraid to fail and also about the risk of perfection. She said “perfect is the enemy of the good.” Often, I get caught up in the small details which causes the creativity process to grind to a halt. I know my students often struggle with this as well and sometimes we must learn to call something good enough and go with it.

So, here is my first attempt at a remix showing that play and trial and error are at the heart of the maker movement. I hope that these next 60 seconds will inspire you to play with something new.

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