Going to a conference is a pretty amazing experience. The energy that 4000 educators emit is incalculable. The chance to learn about new things is incomparable. The opportunity to get away from your students for a few days is invigorating. Oh yeah, and the freedom to go out to lunch like a real adult is…incredible! 

@ 2018 by MACUL

I spent last Thursday and Friday at the 42 annual MACUL technology conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan and days later I am still excited, motivated, optimistic and exhausted! My head is spinning with new technology tools to try, bigs ideas to implement and new professional goals to achieve. Over the coming weeks, I will give a deep look into many of the things I learned at MACUL but for now, I am going to focus on the big picture. 

During these two days, I was motivated by a one-legged Olympian, a 21-year-old genius, and a super-star superintendent. I was introduced to some new (for me) tech tools like Today’s Meet, Quizizz, Buncee, and Google Keep. I even learned about Backward Design as well as best practices for engaging my students from the minute the bell rings. It was all amazing!

If you haven’t been to a professional conference in a while, find one to attend! Then, go to your administrator and convince them that you NEED this experience to learn, to grow as a professional and to rejuvenate.  

Need more ammo to win over your boss? Check out 12 Reasons You Should Attend Conferences by Rick Brooks.


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