Do your students like to play games? Do they get excited about a little competition? Many educators are familiar with Kahoot and have probably used it for trivia or as a fun way to review for tests and quizzes. However, Kahoot has limitations such as being created only for live play as well as not showing the question and answer directly on the student’s screen. QuizizzQuizizz is similar to Kahoot but in addition to a live mode, it also has a homework mode. This allows students to play Quizizz and to practice and compete outside of class while still allowing the teacher to track student data and provide feedback. The student also sees the questions and answers on their screen and can review all questions when done.

Quizizz Results

Quizizz also has a fun meme option where students see a different meme after each answer. MemeWhile teachers can easily create memes from dozens of provided pictures, they also have the option of starting from scratch by uploading their own images or they can select memes that have already been fully created.

Here a few other notable features. 

  • Quizizz can be played any device
  • Uses Google’s Login
  • Integrates with Google Classroom
  • Can search for Quizzes that are already made
  • Can duplicate and then edit Quizzes made by others
  • Has the option to shuffle questions and answers
  • Has the option to activate a Question Timer (faster answer = more points)
  • Can show answers after each question and/or review all questions at the end

Want to see Quizizz and test the Homework mode for yourself? Go to and enter 087822 for the Game Code (expires 3/31/18). Then take the 8 question quiz to test your knowledge of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Note: I turned on all of the features listed above.


Thanks to Mr. Ankit Smith for creating the original Olympic quiz! I merely duplicated, edited and attached a pre-made meme set.

Need more resources? Check out this quick guide or these video tutorials

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